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tren enanthate

While receiving fluconazole and cisapride described cases of adverse reactions on the part of the heart, including paroxysms of ventricular tachycardia. Simultaneous administration is contraindicated. Zidovudine: Prix. concomitant use may increase zidovudine plasma concentrations. Patients receiving such a combination should be monitored in order to identify side effects of zidovudine. Theophylline: receiving fluconazole results in reduced average creatinine clearance rate from the blood plasma consequently increases the risk of toxic effects of theophylline and overdose. Although no specific manifestations pharmaceutical incompatibility described blending fluconazole solution with solutions of other drugs is not recommended prior to infusion. in the application of fluconazole in patients simultaneously receiving other drugs metabolized by the cytochrome tren enanthate system, care must be taken. Increasing the concentration of midazolam – increase the risk of psychomotor effects (more pronounced when using fluconazole inside than I / O); tacrolimus -. the risk of nephrotoxicity hydrochlorothiazide increases the concentration of fluconazole in plasma by 40%.


Special instructions:
In rare cases, the use of fluconazole was accompanied by toxic effects on the liver, including fatalities, primarily in patients with serious underlying medical conditions. It is necessary to monitor liver function. When you see signs of liver damage, which may be associated with administration of fluconazole, the drug should be discontinued.
Treatment should continue until clinical remission. Premature discontinuation of treatment leads to relapse.
In the course of treatment is necessary to monitor blood counts, kidney and liver function. In the event of renal and hepatic function should stop taking the drug.
In patients receiving the drug tren enanthate patients are rare cases of exfoliative cutaneous reactions, such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis.  Patients, and malignant tumors are more prone to the development of severe skin reactions in the application of many drugs. When the patient during the treatment of superficial fungal infections of rash, which can be associated with the use of fluconazole, the drug should be discontinued. When a rash with invasive / systemic fungal infections of patients should be carefully monitored and fluconazole cancel the appearance of bullous lesions or erythema multiforme.
Required monitoring prothrombin index while the use of coumarin anticoagulants.

Product form
On the outside of the bottom of the bottle there is a special loop to secure it. When used on top of the bottle cap, the cap has a low density polyethylene tren enanthate white. 1 bottle is packed in a plastic bag from a transparent and colorless polypropylene ” with a diagonal; printed on both sides of the repetitive manufacturer’s logo. 1 vial, packed into a package together with instructions for use placed in a cardboard box.