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trenbolone side effects

May lead to the development of phenomena characteristic of an overdose  or enhancement of side effects: chest pain, nausea, vomiting, headache, tremor, drowsiness, palpitations, tachycardia up to 200 beats / min , ventricular arrhythmias, metabolic acidosis, hypokalemia, hyperglycemia, increase or decrease in blood pressure, nervousness, convulsions, muscle cramps, dry mouth, dizziness, weakness, anxiety. As with trenbolone side effects all inhaled sympathomimetic, an overdose of the drug Foradil possible cardiac arrest and death. Treatment. It is shown holding a supportive and symptomatic therapy. In severe cases, hospitalization is necessary. It can be considered the use of cardioselective beta-blockers, but only under careful medical supervision, subject to extreme caution since the use of such tools can cause bronchospasm. Recommended monitoring indicators of cardiac activity.

Interaction with other drugs

Foradil, as well as other beta 2 -adrenomimetiki should be used with caution in patients receiving drugs such as quinidine, disopyramide, procainamide, phenothiazines, antihistamines, macrolides, monoamine oxidase inhibitors , tricyclic antidepressants, and other drugs , which are known to prolong the interval, since in these cases the action of agonists on the cardiovascular system can be enhanced. When using drugs that can lengthen the interval, increased risk of ventricular arrhythmias.
Concomitant use of other sympathomimetic agents may lead to aggravation of side effects of Foradil.
Concomitant use of xanthine derivatives, glucocorticosteroids and diuretics may enhance the potential gipokaliemicheskoe effect of beta 2 -adrenomimetikov.
Patients receiving anesthesia using halogenated hydrocarbons, increases the risk of arrhythmia.
Beta-blockers may weaken the effect . Therefore  not be used in conjunction with beta-blockers (including eye drops), unless the use of such combination preparations do not force any emergency reasons.

special instructions

Patients with hypersensitivity to lactose should note that the product contains lactose.
Foradil belongs to the class of beta-agonists 2 adrenoceptor long-acting. Against the background of other agonist beta 2 -adrenoceptor long acting (salmeterol) showed an increase in the frequency of deaths associated with bronchial asthma (13 of the 13 176 patients) compared to placebo. Clinical studies evaluating the incidence of deaths associated with asthma during treatment with Foradil was carried out.
It is shown that the application of Foradil is improved quality of life for trenbolone side effects patients. Anti-inflammatory therapy in patients with bronchial asthma Foradil should only be used as a supplementary treatment in low control symptoms on inhaled corticosteroids monotherapy or in severe disease that requires the use of a combination of inhaled corticosteroids and beta agonist 2 -adrenoceptor long-acting. Do not use the drug with other agonist beta 2 adrenoceptor long-acting. In appointing Foradil is necessary to assess the condition of patients with respect to the adequacy of the anti-inflammatory therapy they receive.After starting treatment Foradilom patients should be advised to continue anti-inflammatory therapy unchanged, even if it is marked improvement. For relief of an acute attack of asthma should be used beta agonists 2 -adrenoceptor. With the sudden deterioration of the patients should immediately seek medical help. Severe exacerbations of asthma in clinical studies in the application of formoterol has been a slight increase in the frequency of severe exacerbations of asthma compared with placebo, especially in children 5-12 years of age. In the placebo-controlled clinical trials in patients treated with formoterol during 4 weeks, there was an increase in the incidence of severe exacerbations of asthma (with 0.9% dosing regimen of 10-12 mg 2 times a day, 1.9% – at 24 mg 2 times a day) compared with the group placebo (0.3%), especially in children 5-12 years old. hypokalemia consequence of therapy beta 2 -adrenomimetikami, including Foradil may be the development of a potentially serious hypokalemia.Hypokalemia may increase the risk of arrhythmias. Since the action of the drug may be increased by hypoxia and concomitant treatment, special caution should be exercised in patients with bronchial asthma heavy currents. In these cases, we recommend regular monitoring of the concentration of potassium in the blood serum. Paradoxical trenbolone side effects bronchospasm As with other inhalation during therapy should consider the possibility of paradoxical bronchospasm. If it occurs, should immediately stop the drug and prescribe alternative treatment.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles and / or use machines

Patients who have a background in the use of the drug Foradil appears dizziness or other disorders of the central nervous system, should refrain from truck control or operate machinery during treatment.